Boogie Wonder Band was created in 1996 from Boogie Cindy and her group's passion for disco music from the Seventies and Eighties. Boogie Wonder Band immediately became a reference for that era of disco music to the world. By 1997, with the release of the album "Keep Disco Alive" and the release the following year of "Kings of Discoland", the Band's show was already distinguished by its blazing style, its multicoloured costumes and its contagious energy. It must be said that with 10 singers/musicians on stage and their manager Michael Weisinger on the scene, this 11 member group never leaves anything to chance. Having collaborated on the albums of Joe Cocker, Paula Abdul, Kool and the Gang, The Fugees and several others as a sound engineer, Michael Weisinger used his expertise to give the group a "vintage" sound, very close to the original songs. It is partly this sound which still to this day distinguishes Boogie Wonder Band from the other groups.

During the years that followed, the group performed at several major events: Formula One Grand Prix (Monaco, Indianapolis and Montreal), PGA tournaments, Grey Cup and many more. Stars like Celine Dion and Donald Trump recognized their talent and called upon the band to entertain at their own parties. They have also performed for some of the largest companies in the world, such as Cirque du Soleil, Mc Donald's, IBM, Walt Disney, Bombardier, General Electric, Club Med and many others.

Because of their growing popularity, Boogie Wonder Band quickly became the darling of American and Asian casinos. Casinos in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and also in several other American, Canadian & Chinese cities have called upon them regularly to perform at their establishments.

Boogie Wonder Band is recognized and appreciated by the original performers of several of the songs which make up their repertoire. They have shared the stage with huge stars of disco music and funk, including Rick James, Kool & the Gang, Earth Wind & Fire, Gloria Gaynor and KC & The Sunshine Band.

From Montreal to Tokyo, New York to Monaco and even to Hawaii, everywhere the party is triumphant. In 2001, pressured by the love of their fans, Boogie Wonder Band returned to the studio to record "FLY", their first album of original songs. In 2004, at the unrelenting request of the public, the group immortalised their show in a "live" album, recording more than 75 of the biggest disco music hits in history! A true gold standard, the double album "KISS My Disco" contains more than 2 and ½ hours of music.

The year of 2006 was a charmed year for Boogie Wonder Band, who celebrated their 10th anniversary. To mark this occasion the band was featured in the Casino de Montréal's Cabaret where they performed nearly 70 shows and this to a full house every night. Following their success at the Montreal Casino, Boogie Wonder Band began a major tour of theatres and show rooms in Quebec. To the greatest delight of the fans and the group, they have continued to gain success right up to the present.
The year 2009 was '' bigger,badder and better than ever'' as the Boogie Wonder Band welcomed a new singer and saxophonist! In preparation for a new studio album, the group also received support in the person of Denis Savage, sound engineer of the mega star Celine Dion. Charmed by the infectious energy of the group at a show givien to celebrate the end of the world tour "Taking Chances", he offered his services to record what became the hit album "SUPERCOOL". By the end of 2009, Boogie Wonder Band will have performed their show at more than 2000 venues, to more than 2,000,000 audience members and in more than 400 cities around the world.
In the early months of 2010, their new album launched and their "SUPERCOOL" show ready to hit the road, Boogie Wonder Band embarqued on its long planned North American tour.
In less than three months, they will have performed in Toronto (Ontario), Pembroke (North Carolina), Bunnell, Fort Lauderdale and Melbourne (Florida), Uncasville (Connecticut), as well as in various cities in Quebec, Medicine Hat and Fort Saskatchewan (Alberta) and many more. All without forgetting a series of performances in Salinas and Quito, Ecuador.
Soon to be celebrating its 15th year, the BWB is charging full steam ahead,bringing disco to the people and spreading the word…Supercool !!