The Buenos Aires Tango Company, Estampas Porteñas presents their newest production, "Deseos...Stories of Longing and Desire told through Argentine Tango and Music." "Deseos" is a celebration of the greatest artistic elements of Argentina including the indomitable tango, the athletic malambo of the gauchos, and musical styles that range from the melancholic to celebratory.

This new creation of artistic director, Carolina Soler, will also include advanced technical elements such as projection mapping, a method of illumination and projection that will allow the stage to be transformed instantaneously from a train station in rural Argentina, to a milonga in an urban barrio, to an outdoor plaza in Buenos Aires. "Deseos" promises to be the height of technical production matched by flawless and emotive dancing, and ardent, soul-filled music.

“Passion” is the contact of two bodies in a same space, carried by passion and revealing every seduction and shared eroticism. The show, the magic, the seduction, and the passion in all senses is of importance to the fine and elegant women dressed with sizzling outfits, showing their elongated and seductive legs through slits skirts, leaving to see their sensual movements. The attraction of the women to the men fills the atmosphere with passion.